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The Spiritual Growth Course

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I've put together a 30 day course designed to help you grow and awaken spiritually. It’s available for free on my website here for anyone who wants to hear me sharing everything that I did to get my life together, transcend the bullshit and awaken. What should you expect after spending 30 days with me? Expect to feel a hell of a lot better about yourself, your life, and the direction you're heading in. Why? Because you’ll have a plan, motivation to carry it out, and the discipline to stick with it. I’m going to explain how you can create motivation and discipline for yourself just as I do, so you don’t have to keep looking to other people for it. Self sufficiency is a big part of my life philosophy. So I’m not only going to give you insights for taking your life to the next level, I’m going to explain to you where insights come from and how you can come up with your own just as I’m doing. The answers to your personal and specific problems are already within you. I’m just trying to help you find them. In 30 days you should have a lot more confidence and belief in yourself, not because I pumped you up with some temporary motivational woo hah. You’ll have it because of actual experience with the practices we’ll be doing. True lasting confidence comes after experience, not before. You’ll see your previous beliefs about your limitations crumble, and you’ll be much slower to assume your new limitations.

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