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Things I might be able to help you with...

-Dark Night of the Soul
-Existential Crisis
-Major Transition to Life Purpose
-Psychedelic Integration
-Near Death Experiences
-Weight Loss, Fasting and Dietary Counseling
-Addiction (Drugs, Foods, Behaviors)
-Unlocking Creativity and Genius Potential
-Emotional Stability
-Peace of Mind

After many years of coaching it's become obvious that I'm most effective working with a small number of people I can give my full attention to. I'm not going for volume anymore, I see lots of other coaches and educators who are much better at giving general advice than me. What I enjoy and do best, is getting to know and understand people, and helping them shift their perspective, their way of thinking, and their habituated way of acting.


I don't do coaching by the hour anymore, I kept getting too many people looking for shortcuts and quick fixes. My coaching now has a longer term horizon and is based on what end result is desired. I do not have a rate because I do not know who you are, where you are in life, how much progress you've made so far, how resistant you are to change, or how much time, energy and repetition will be required to change your habituations and the results you are getting out of life.

My ideas and methods are certainly not for everyone. Are they for you? I have no idea. So how about this...

A 20 or 30 minute talk on the phone will give us a pretty good idea if we're going to be compatible and if this is going to work. So let's do that first, then decide if we're going to work together.

Send me a message below describing your situation and what you would like to accomplish. As long as I'm not too far off the grid I should be able to get back to you within a day or two. We'll set up a call if it's appropriate and take it from there.


Thanks for submitting!

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